Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekly Check In

So I know it has only been 4 days since my first official weigh in but I plan on making Friday my official weigh in date. So I might as well start now.
Official weight: 265.4lbs.

That is 5.5lbs less than my starting weight. Not bad for only 4 days. However I should not that losing a lot of weight in the first week is to be expected. When you go on a diet you consume less sodium, carbs and other things that make you retain water. My goal is for 2 lbs. a week. Let’s see how we do next week.

Here is a picture of me at my current weight; the plan is that I will post a progress picture the first Friday of every month. I know this is the second week, but I am just getting started.

Sorry for the poor quality by my roomie wasn't around to take one for me.

Check in – Mental
First - I am hungry all the time and I am eating. I am aiming for about 2000 calories per day. That may be a maintenance plan for most but for my obese body it is definitely a weight loss plan. I told myself the first three days is the hardest because it will take time to adjust. Let’s hope that is true so I don’t go overboard.

Second – Believe it or not I went to college for exercise physiology. I told you I was thin and athletic, but Wednesday I went to do a push up and couldn’t. Not even on my knees. I had to stand and lean again the window sill. Gosh, that will be another marker to look towards.

Third: I was just cleaning my closet to get ready for the fall season and you know what I realized. I have way too many hideous things in my closet. You know those items you purchased just because it was on sale, or it looked great in the store but not at home, or it was a gift from an aunt with dubious taste. I used to be hard wired to toss those items I would never wear because of the Ugh factor.
Not anymore…My shear weight is keeping me from tossing items that are ugly just because they fit. I also find myself buying the drab or out-dated because I have a tough time finding things that look good on this body. Walking around naked is just not an option!

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