Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weight in the News

The biggest story this week? Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz just announced his "Transformation Nation" program. He is giving away 1 million dollars to one lucky loser all you have to do to be considers is weigh in this week for free at Weight Watchers, ending October 3rd. Then try to lose 10% of your body weight by April 2nd, then weigh in for free again between the 2nd and the 9th. Then you are entered in the contest.

The million dollar winner will be announced in May. I decided that since I was already trying to lose weight I might as well sign up and try to win. But do you think this will motivate people to Lose? For more info just click below.

On a personal note I am taking a part-time position just to keep the wolf at bay until a find a new job. But I am nervous that working will sabotage my weight loss; I started this diet expecting to be unemployed for a while. So let's consider this PT job a test run.

I will be a companion to very independent 98 year old lady. She still lives on her own but had a fall recently. Fortunately she wasn't injured, but being alone all day every day is making her family(who lives next door) worried. During the day I will be there to listen to her stories, do the heavy housework, and maybe learn a thing or two from her.

I am looking forward to the stories most of all. I used to teach a seniors fitness class in Boston years ago. I got a listen to stories from woman who actually was a stewardess during the cold war and she had actual run-ins with spies. I met a woman who wore heels every day of her life until at the age of 97 she had a fall and injured her hip. After that the doctor told her to wear flats and she could keep on doing everything she was doing. I met a woman who went back to college at the age of 72, she attended Boston University and became an artist.

It is stories like that I hope to hear. Wish me luck on losing weight and working at the same time.

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