Monday, September 19, 2011

My Food for Saturday and Sunday

Apple and bacon Frittata

2 servings Pirate's Booty
5 pieces of Dove dark chocolate
8oz of orange juice

left over sweet and sour chicken
crystal light

4 Skinny cow Ice cream cones.

Saturday was not healthy at all, I have almost no veggies. My boobs are telling me that my monthly gift is around the corner, so that accounts for the cravings and the weakness.

Light English muffin with 1tbsp all natural peanut butter
Tea with Honey

1 cup low calorie tuna salad, with 2 light English muffins and tomato
Crystal light

Healthy Choice Beef tips meal, with 20oz Coke(not diet)

Even with the 20oz coke I stay under my calorie goals for today which is good, and the cravings seemed to have reduced a bit, but I still want chocolate and anything with a carbs. I still need MORE veggies

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