Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Tall Boots

Another problem with being fat is the TALL BOOT issue. I love tall boots but my calves are so wide and my feet narrow, that I can never find TALL boots I can wear. Too be completely honest I even had trouble finding tall boots to fit my calves when I was thin - this is WAY harder.

Do you remember the boots I ordered last week, well I got them and they barely fit my calf but we're WAY TOO BIG in the feet - I accidentally ordered a size ten.

So I sent them back and order something with a wider calf and the correct size, they are also a wedge boot from Lane Bryant. I LOVE a good wedge and these boots were also $80 instead of $150 I originally paid for the Clark's. Let's hope I they fit better.

Now I have a lot of boots, ankle boots, calf boots, pointy boots, duck boots, winter boots, etc. but I have only 1 pair of tall boots. They are made buy guess and a few years old but I love them. They are a classic style, and fit both my narrow foot and wide calf. My cobbler has re-heeled them dozens of time and just re-soled them last fall. So I think it is time I found them a friend to share tall boot duty with.

Forgive the unedited photo, you will ultimately see every bit of my apartment in pieces until I find a photo editor I like and is cheap or FREE.

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  1. i only have ONE pair of boots that fit around my monster calves! boot shopping frustrates me every year! i want the cute boots too! blergh.