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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday in Pictures

As I mentioned in my first post I live in Nashua, NH. It is small city that offer the perfect mix of Boston and Rural country attitude. Today in Memory of those fallen on 9/11 the streets were lined with flags.

10 years I ago I was living in Cambridge, MA and on that day I was at UMass, Boston. In the Fitness center. I stop exericising I couldn't believe what I was seeing on TV, they had stopped playing music and turned on the TV's volume. It was horrific, and heart breaking, but for me that wasn't the worst part.

UMass is right on the water and you constantly hear the the noise of jets coming in for a landing, but later that day I was staring out at the water beautiful calm and breezy, and absolute silence in the air. All I could think was "How can such peace come from such tragedy?"

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