Monday, September 19, 2011


I love Autumn and today weather was VERY autumn like in NH. So I brewed some tea this afternoon and sat with two lovely women to chat and drink.

Tea is great for the waistline, and has tons of Antioxidants and black tea has almost as much caffeine as a cup o'joe. I also don't feel the need to put sugar or cream in it like coffee.

Right now I am loving The Boston Tea Companies - Black Tea Bombay Chai. Believe it or not I picked it up at Homegoods for $7. Once you open it up and sniff, you will be in heaven, it reminds me of fall leaves, my grandmother's cooking, and apple cider.

My only issue is that the BOSTON tea company is based in HACKENSACK, NJ.

Do you have a favorite calorie friendly beverage?

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