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Thursday, September 29, 2011


So I wanted to tell you about Meal Snap. I broke down and actually purchased this app for 99 cents. So far my all it gets from me is an "Eh", definitely no WOW factor. It works well if the food is easily recognizable. Like if I took a picture of a slice of pizza and diet coke it will give me fairly accurate calories, but I take a photo of something like my Tomato pancakes. It doesn't work so good.

I took a picture of my tomato pancakes in fact and it told me it was only 13-19 calories per serving. WAY OFF! But take a photo of something like 1/2 a cup of Frozen Yogurt it can guess is pretty accurately 150-190 calories.

It also does not automagically transport my meal to my Daily Log. Which it should because they are both made by DailyBurn. So my suggestion is to skip this app - don't spend the $0.99, unless you eat at chain restaurants a lot.

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  1. it TOTALLY should transport the meal to yer daily log. DOY! why didn't they think of that? they probably want you to buy another ap for that. argh!