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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi Ho Trigger

Or is Silver?

I have got to say people that tell you to eat in moderation are big fat liars. There are some foods that just make you want to eat MORE! These are called trigger foods. Trigger foods are like heroine for drug addicts; you just can't give it up. In the face of trigger foods I find it is just best to quite cold turkey and suffer the DT's. I have had some success with this so far. I am try to give up one trigger food at a time.

1. Potato Chips/French Fries - I haven't eaten a chip or a fry in weeks, but I know if I start I can't stop the craving stay in my brain for days and days, and days. Salt and Vinegar chips still call my name, so I avoid them. I know because I have tested this theory many times.

2. Chocolate - I have been mostly successful at avoiding chocolate. I have a weakness for milk chocolate in particular. The biggest problem for me is when PMS strikes. If I have chocolate, I can't stop until I completed my cycle. And I am not talking small quantities. I could fill a bath tub with the chocolate I eat during that difficult week of the month. And 1 week of bad eating can easily off set the weight loss progress I made three weeks before.

3. Ice Cream - I have not been able to kick this habit yet. I had a kids cup on Friday, and a small serving on Saturday only to go crazy and eat 6 servings on Sunday, and for breakfast this morning, I opted for ice cream instead of my usual healthy option of an apple and a handful of nuts.

Any suggestions on how to kick the habit?

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  1. oh i know all about trigger foods! when i was a kid hanging out with my grandpa, he would grab a bag of chips and we would snarf it all down. and then he would say, "let's get rid of that salty taste" and pass around the ice cream. GOOD TIMES, but those kind of habits have sure done a number on me! it is hard to cut this shit out. like you say, once you start it is hard to stop!