Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday in Pictures

So I decided I was sick of walking around Nashua and decided to take a trip to the very rural Fitswilliam. Apparently I choose a bad weekend because every town between Nashua and Fitzwilliam had a pumpkin festival, apple festival, fall festival, or community yard. Not that I mind, they are really fun to visit and the detours often show you new scenic routes, but sometimes the traffic and the people annoy me.

Today I went for a walk in Rhododendron State Park in Fitzwilliam, NH. While it's best to go in May, June & July for the blooms - I enjoy going any time of the year because it is a quiet, easy trail that almost no one visits because they all pay $3.00 to go to Mt. Monadnock aka the most climbed Mountain in the world. Also I found that the local arborist maintain the area and they took the time to bring art into the trail in the form of stone benches, and columns, to hand painted trail maps on wood.
Above is said hand painted map of the trails. The big trail is Little Monadnock, which starts out easy and then get harder towards the top. The smaller loop is Rhododendron Loop which has some small offshoots like Laurel trail, and Wildflower trail.

The Rhododendron Loop is fun because it is like going through a tunnel of trees. This shot is of the canopy above me.

As you can see the trail looks like a tunnel up ahead is a bridge over brook with one of the few breaks in the canopy.

This is the shot of the trip home on Rhododendron Road. You can see the leaves are starting to change, right now northern NH is at the peak of leaf season. In another week or two southern NH will be at it's brightest.

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  1. Those changing leaves in that last shot are so gorgeous!