Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday in Pictures - Two Days Late

I am a little behind in blogging but the goods news is that I am caught up in eating. I seem to be in a binge free, high exercise zone this week. This Sunday I went to the Great Bay Discovery Center and Estuary. They are all about preserving the marshes and bay that dumps into the Atlantic Ocean. It provides an important food source for Osprey, Owls, Blue Heron and even Bald Eagles. None of which I actually got to see, but that's OK. Here are some photos.

A photo of the bay during low tide.

This is Actually in the parking lot. I just love these little bushes they grow wild all over NH and early in the fall season you actually see each leaf get striped like a rainbow. The tips are Green the a bit further up it goes yellow, then orange, then red. This late in the season has almost no green.

This is a wigwam, Native Americans in New England didn't live in teepees. Wigwams use flexible branches to form an igloo shape then covered in birch bark or straw.

The path is entirely wood because the water rise and recedes in the marshes, and wetlands with the tides.

At the very beginning of the path they have a some "boats" for the kids to play on. This is a replica of a lobster boat, but mostly I love the name. The Nerr Miss -
Somehow seems to sum up my life.

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