Friday, October 7, 2011

Check in 10/7/2011

Taken 10-7-2011 - That jacket is actually a size 18, not a 20. I can button the top button, but not the bottom. So maybe in a month or two I will be able to button both.

Taken 9-9-2011. Remember this from the beginning of month one the was 15lbs ago.

Physical Check-in

Starting Weight: 271lbs

Last Week: 256.4lbs

This Week: 256.8lbs

Goal Weight: 169lbs

I saw a slight uptick this week. I felt like I wasn't loosing any weight. I think part of it was the lack of swimming, but I think a part of it was the fact that I haven't been eating breakfast until 10am for the last two weeks. It my have stunted my metabolism a bit.

I reviewed my food log and I feel confident about my portion sizes and my calorie intake, but there is always room for improvement. So I have 3 goals this week -

1. Get back in the pool (let's hope it open for tomorrow morning),

2. Eat breakfast between 6am-8am,

3. Measure my portions all week just to make sure I am not over splurging on the calories.

Mental Check-in

I am bummed at the increase in weight. Let's face it, being a woman it could be anything, my boobs hurt so maybe I am a bit bloated while ovulating, I have been stressed with all the additional interviews this week, not read the next line if you are easily grossed out...I have been CONSTIPATED. Yes, that right for the last three days I have yet to see a decent bowel movement. What's good for a stuck colon, more water, exercise like walking or jogging, and maybe some prunes.

I feel like I worked really hard and I completed my first month of exercise routine and I am changing that up to focus heavily on cardio for the next month. So let's hope next week is better.

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