Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Workout - Old Habits

I have new workout routine because I my body was getting used to the old one. At the same time though I am finding it hard to stay on my diet track. Most notably at night - this past week I have binged between the hours of 8pm -10pm 3 out 5 nights. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to curb this?

On the up side my new routine is focused on cardio to burn more calories and build up my fitness. The pool is still closed - hopefully it will open by the weekend - so in the meantime I am replacing my swims with hiking. Here is my new routine....

Monday - Biking 30 minutes building up to an hour. (I feel like my lungs are handling the workout well so far, but "down there" is another story. My rear and vagina are so numb after 30 minutes of biking I switch over to the elliptical. Also 5-10 of Abs workout.

Tuesday - Intervals Walking 3-5 minutes, running 3 minutes for 30 - 45 minutes. (my goal is to run 5 minutes and walk two, but 2 minutes of running is hard on this obese body) 5-10 minutes of upper body toning

Wednesday - Swimming Laps 1 hour (currently hiking to make up for the lack of water) 5-10minutes of Abs workout.

Thursday - Walk/Run 2 miles - Starting with walking most of the way until I can eventually walk a mile then run a mile. 5-10 minutes of upper body toning

Friday - Walking for 1 hour at a brisk pace. 5-10 minutes of ab workout.

Saturday - Swimming Laps for 30 minutes

Sunday - Casual swim or walk not timed.

Today I went hiking at a trail that is two hundred yards from my parents home and maintained by the beaver brook association. I have to stay hiking today worked wonders for me, as you may know I was suffering from some mild constipation the last few days. As soon as I made it up the hill my body said it was time to go. So I rushed back to my parents house through the woods. Here are a couple photos before nature called.

The view on the road to my parents house.

Walking the 200 yards from my parents driveway to the trail. The sign says bridge closed, the "bridge" has been closed for decades and the locals knew if you tried to drive on you would end up in the brook. The sign was only put there ten years ago to the damn flatlanders the don't know a dead end when you see it; and then they added some large boulders to idiot proof it.

Love this hiking trail because it leads into lots of fields and some time in the spring you see deer.

What do you think?

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