Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today's Fitness app is Nike's Boom. This App is cheestastic, but I find it oddly motivating. It takes and shuffles the music from you iPhone for your work. No big deal as I can do that on my own, but I have to say I like that is doesn't change songs when I am moving. When I have my iPhone in iPod mode the songs change mid-way through because my ginormous body giggles the phone in my pocket when I exercise telling it "Hey - she wants to change this song."

The other cheese factor is the "attaboys" you can select pro-athlete to cheer you on with canned and cliche expressions during your workout. The only thing is that there aren't any female athletes. It also records your workout so you can take a look at your work out history, but it doesn't give you much information other then the date of the work out and how long it was.

It gives me two options:

1 - Basic Workout - I select my warm-up, cool-down and exercise time. A trainer from SPARQ called Matt James tells you to start and finish and gives you a little canned encouragement every 10 minutes or so.

2 - Interval Training - Probably the more useful of the two. You can select how many sets you want to do, how long, and time between set. And it blow a whistle every time your supposed to change. The frequent whistle is irritating but you don't have to do you own timing then.

It has a couple other features like getting SPARQ rated. - Your enter a lot of your metrics like body weight, how fast you do the 40 yards dash, etc. I don't need to compete so I don't use it, but some dudes out there might like it. It also has a featured gear section, but I don't feel the need to use because I am not a Nike aficionado. You can also sign up for Team LiveStrong, which I couldn't tell you about either because I haven't registered.

Like I said Oddly Motivational, but ultimately can be replaced with your iPod and a stopwatch.

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