Thursday, October 27, 2011

Swimming and app-ilicous repeat

So yesterday I went swimming for the first time in three weeks and today's workout on the treadmill was much better than it has been for three weeks. I believe swimming makes all the difference for me. Let's hope it reflects on the scale tomorrow.

Remember the Ab workout app I showed you a few weeks ago. Well this month I downloaded an app for my arms. This months workout is heavily cardio oriented so I decided to add in a quick upper body work out twice a week.

This app has a 5, 7.5 and 10 minute option like the Ab workout. It is all free weight and body weight exercises so you don't need more than a pair of dumbbells or even soup cans for beginners. It offers overhead press, biceps curls, triceps extension, bent over row, front raises, bridge dips, push-ups, and side plank.

Bottom line: Overall I think it is a great light weight workout for cardio focused people, but not meant for those of you who prefer weight training.

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