Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Check In

Physical Check In:
This week's weigh in is finally a minus. Woohoo!! Granted I didn't lose much but at least I lost something. It isn't ideal because I am shooting for 2 lbs per weeks, but I am not giving up. Lets hope November is better. Don't forget next week is picture day. Not that you'll see any difference with so little weight loss.

Starting Weight: 271 lbs
Current Weight: 255.6lbs
Goal Weight 169 lbs

Mental Check In:

I attribute the small amount of weight loss I had this week to swimming, I feel it gives my body the workout it needs and the mental adjustment I need too. In case you hadn't noticed, I was not blogging daily because the last few weeks have been awful for me. I had a bunch of interviews at the beginning of the month and was hoping to have a new job by the end of the month. Not only did I not get a job, but all the interviews dried up and I can't find anything new to apply for that fits my skills.

That leaves me with applying for retail positions. I actually like working retail it's fun but the pay is lousy. Let hope I get some holiday work to help pay for Christmas. In the meantime I think this guy's T-shirt says it all.


  1. well congrats on the weight loss! that is awesome.

    and you like working with the public?! the horror. lol. every now and again it is nice to meet/engage in conversation with new people. but i usually shun most of humanity. lol. clearly you are better with people than ME, so i hope you land a job that utilizes that skill and pays the bills!

  2. Hi there! I stumbled onto your blog and I have to tell you, I'm enjoying your it. It's a good read. Like you I'm trying to lose weight too so I wanted to say congrats on the loss! =]