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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day One...Well Two

Ground rules for this blog...

1. I am just typing to write out my thoughts and feelings, I may or may not posteverything I write. So I apologize if you don't get every reference I make to a past post.

2. Second I am not going to stress about spelling, punctuation or grammar - So I apologize to professors of English.

3. Third what you see is what you get. I may not be able to write daily, and I have tried blogging before and I do pretty well until I have a job that is 60 hours a week.

A little background...

So Yesterday I started my weight loss plan. And I start at 271lbs. I am 5'7". I hate being this fat, but it isn't so easy to lose weight as you may know. I also have a food addiction and suffer from depression.

A little about me. Don't mistake fat for being lazy. It just isn't so, most fat people are NOT lazy, but if they are like me they channel their frustration, stress, anger into food. I just lost my Job and I am looking for a new one, but being fat makes it more difficult. I don't think people realize just how prejudice they are against fat. Interview my weight overshadows my skills. Despite that and the risk it poses to my health I am struggling with losing weight.

HOWEVER, the last straw has been pushed. I am starting to struggle with my heels. I have a closet FULL of shoes, I never used to blink at putting on a 4 inch heel, but my weight is making that difficult. So let's hope I go from being a FAT Girl with Shoes to a Thin one.

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