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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Steps, or rather 10 minutes of baby steps.

I am planning on sharing some thoughts on exercise in this post but I totally F***ED UP; so a little side note about my day first. You know that expression "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I TOTALLY HATE IT, but it is absolutely true. I knew today was busy and got up early to exercise, eat and get my Sh*t together & out the door on time. At 11:30am I was at a "Lunch & Learn" seminar for the local chamber and guess what? I failed to plan my LUNCH. It totally F****D me up for the day, by the time I got out of there I was so friggin' hungry I went to the first place I could find and it just set me wrong for the rest of the day. By the hair of my perfectly waxed chin I stay within my calorie goals, but the Fat portion of my day is so far into the red it could compete with the national debt.

But I digress....I wanted since very early this morning to write about exercise. Why? because I wanted to write about something I am good at - relatively speaking. I actually went to school for exercise physiology so I have some idea what I am talking about. Unlike my diet; exercise is something I actually enjoy. Once I get past the whole, fat girl on a (insert exercise machine here) stigma.

I know some of you know what I mean. You don't want to go to the gym out of fear all the skinny bitches are gonna look and laugh. I mean the fear alone can be crippling, not too mention the fact that it would suck if you couldn't even lift whatever measly weight you were trying to curl.

Then there is the fatigue factor, trust me I don't wake up the eager beaver ready sweat my ass off, I would much rather sleep another 30 minutes before rolling my but outta bed.

My recommendation to those of you, both fat and thin, that struggle with exercise. Bargain with yourself, take one baby step, I do it everyday. Tell yourself "Just 10 minutes." More often than not you will say "Hey, this feels good" after 10 minutes and keep going, or at least decide that as long as your out of bed 30 minutes early you'll make an effort.

And if all you do is 10 minutes, it's better than nothing.

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